FTP Hosting for Graphic Artists

Many people utilize their computers that are paid for by the cost of internet usage in order to earn some (or even earn some money) back.

One of the latest methods is image hosting by companies that are paying YOU to host your images on their site. This is because, thanks to the numerous sponsorships the websites offer they can be paid for bandwidth and storage as well as paying the users who uploaded the photos.

Is this the new way of earning money online? Nay. I have an enormous collection of photos I could upload, but do you think that’s enough? Nay.

There are two main web-based image hosts that pay there. They pay at different rates and both employ the same payment methods (E-gold, Stormpay, and in the event that your payment is substantial enough, you can even pay). However, at what cost can images generate income for you, that is probably a question you’re thinking.

ImageCash was the first to initiate this revolution and has since made an enormous reputation. Their servers are extremely speedy in relation to the amount of traffic they receive . Additionally, the pop-up advertisements are at an absolute minimum. You might want to consider using your ad blockers they do have an abundance of these.

At first, ImageCash converted your image views into cash at the end of each day, and then show the pending earnings in your account as a member. In the last one and a half months, nearly for two whole months ImageCash was suffering due to sponsors cutting them off at the midpoint of the month, leaving a large bandwidth charge for pimpandhost lsh and a bleak ratio of image views to dollars for image uploaders.

We’re lucky that it converts our image views into money at least every 2 weeks. This can be a problem to those who have websites that are bringing in huge traffic, but not being able to predict for a couple of weeks what the outcome will be.

ImageCash offers a per-day a fixed percentage of profits after expenses for servers. This may be poor or may be extremely low.

In May 2006, I am able to record 138,000 unique images and earned $1.30 to pay for this. The majority of them were that came from my highly-trafficked teenager picture site and as you can observe that even with a thriving website, it’s very difficult to earn even a couple of dollars per day.

ImageFap is a copy of ImageCash and they’ve even came up with an exact copy of the template used by ImageCash.

The servers of the site are very slow, and frequent outages throughout the day, leaving the site unusable during these times. They make use of nasty ads which may pop up on the most resistant popup blockers. The ads can be overpowering at times, and can cause more hassle than it’s worth.